Kids & Teens

Talent Management

by exclusive invitation only
A division of our most talented and professional young actors, models and online media personalities. Branded by Xist.
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SoMe Branding

by audition & invitation only
A specialized Social Media Influencer & Performer program for aspiring young actors and models ages 4-16, focusing on talent and personal development. Professionally branded talent and personalities are quickly becoming the most successful and visible players in today's entertainment industry landscape.

The Xist List

casting list open to ages 0-18
An active, non-representation list of our TV, Film and Print castings. Online registration is open to kids 0-18 who live in, or have access to the NYC area.
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3KT - Teen Girl Group

1.3 Million Views * Worldwide Media Coverage

3KT - Circus (Britney Spears Cover)