Online, Streaming and Social Media Content is quickly replacing traditional television and theater-based media when it comes to drawing in large and dedicated audiences. These outlets are quickly becoming the Productions casting and discovering what are becoming the most successful and highly paid artists in the Entertainment Biz.

Young models, actors, artists, and influencers are enjoying early success in their careers thanks to their online and social media engagement and broad audiences which include major brands, advertising agencies, producers, directors, tv networks and film studios.

TikTok, Instagram and YouTube are now seen as a vital professional and multi-faceted online talent portfolios for companies scouting potential talent for their projects. With short and long-form video, professional-level photo options, and infinite exposure combinations, TikTok, Instagram and YouTube are incredibly powerful in shaping the success of young performers, and are proving to be the gateway to huge short and long-term paid bookings, brand partnerships and other large opportunities.

Kids and Teens with great personalities, solid social media presence and engaging content can go from unknown to highly paid celebrities seemingly overnight!

We are truly at the forefront of a major Industry tidal wave, and Xist is providing exclusive representation and personalized services to kids and teens looking to get involved in this exciting business.

Xist has been heavily involved in young audience trends for online and social media for over 10 years. We are constantly branding our Agency and clients to succeed quickly in all media opportunities.